domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

escalivada (evilbabah)

... post en desarrollo, pero alguien necesitaba la receta ya ...


6 peppers
1 aubergine
3 medium sized onions
1 clove of garlic
1 vine tomato
1 tin of anchovies in oil
sliced non-loaf bread
olive oil

cutting board
sink and running water
two forks
two cloths
a spoon

1- Take the tail off the peppers, open them in half and clean them from the seeds under the running water.
2- Wash the aubergine and peel the onionsl
3- Cut onions and aubergine leaving strings or pieces of 5-10 cm thick.
4- Put the half peppers and the aubergine and onion pieces in a tray, add oil (1 expresso cup) and salt (half a dessert spoon) over the vegetables
5- Place in the oven around 180ºC for around half an hour.
6- Then take it out. Use the cloths and be careful, it uses to be hot. Turn everything upside down with the help of two forks.
7- Add more oil and more salt to your taste and cook for other 25 minutes more or less.
Note: The important thing is the peppers have to be completely cooked. It doesn't matter the time as long as they are cooked. If you doubt if they are completely cooked, leave them for longer. I don't think they would overcook (I might change this later if someone complaints), as long as the temperature doesn't make them become black. Then is not overcook, it is burned. You have to start over.
Note 2: Try to maintain the aubergine and onions under the juice of the peppers mixed with the olive oil, otherwise they dry too much.
8- Put some slices of bread in the toaster.
9- Peel the peppers (if it is easy, if not, to the hell with it), while you do, lick your fingers from time to time to have a taste of what you are going to have not much later (IT IS NÉCTAR DE LOS DIOSES).
10- Peel a garlic clove and sug/scrub it against the toast.
11- Do the same with half a tomato
12- Add the escalivated vegetables to your toast, add some of the juice to soak the bread and put some anchovies on top.
12 option b- Slices of goat cheese on top, and cook au gratin (you don't have a verb for this!!!)

I don't know if it looks nice or not, but this is one of the best dishes in the world ever ever.
Trust me, I know my foods. 

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  1. I couldn't agree more. One of the best dishes in the world ever ever!
    Privileged to learn it from the master! ;-)


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