lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014


I'm gonna play the role again.
It's not that I inveted it, but I've played it many times, only that last time was long ago. Now I am a better actress. Not that I can act or lie better, not that I would, but I have a new big calm that makes me a better player and I know a hell of a lot more of the character now.

I am not a hunter, at least not the regular one, can't even find an appealing prey. Although I do search and seek, I stalk from a corner those feelings I already have, knowing I need to juggle to keep them.
I watch these lifes, coming and going.
Serendipity wasn't in the mood today, she acted as a bitchy ditherer.

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Las puertas están abiertas*.

*Por eso, aunque "¡Vamos a morir todos!" no tiene que ser todavía.